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Nov 29, 2010

01/12/2010 Проектът УНИК – "Университетски научно-изследователски комплекс/УНИК за иновации и трансфер на знания в областта на микро/нанотехнологии и материали, енергийната ефективност и виртуалното инженерство", с договор ДУНК-01/3 официално стартира с трансфера на субсидията , предвидена за първата година от неговата реализация.

Oct 11, 2010

На 5 и 6 октомври 2010, за пета поредна година, в рамките на Дните на Джон Атанасов и Международната конференция AUTOMATICS AND INFORMATICS, се проведе International Symposium Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics'2010 в София. Изнесени бяха 21 доклада в 4 секции, с близо 50 участници. Представена бе новоиздадената монография на проф.Т.Нешков, и фирма СПЕСИМА-АД. Демонстрирани бяха 5 учебно-изследователски робота.


An award in the range of Sixth National Forum for Innovations

On March 1, 2010 was held the Sixth National Innovation Forum, under the slogan "Science, Technology and Innovation: a policy for growth and development over the next decade", organized by the "ARC", Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism, the representation of World Bank in Bulgaria and Enterprise Europe Network, which is the largest information and advice network for small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe. National Innovation Forum is the most significant event in the field of research, technology and innovation policy in Bulgaria.

During the forum, the Prime Minister of Bulgaria Boyko Borisov presented the awards to the winners of the sixth “National Innovative Enterprise of the Year” contest. The aim is to distinguish good business model, to raise public awareness of the achievements of Bulgarian enterprises in the field of innovation. For the first time this year, the competition was given special prominence and research organizations that have developed new technologies applied in the industry.

The prize was awarded to the Laboratory "CAD / CAM / CAE in Industry", coordinator and principal partner in the Innovation Centre of Excellence, development and technology transfer. The award is given for the results in the project “Design and Implementation of A Modular System for High Precision Cutting of Sheet Metal using Laser, Plasma and Water Jet Sources”.

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